2022 Color Trends for Fashion and Design

How do you think about 2022 Color Trends in Fashion & Design? Print On Demand All(PODA) shows you that Your color forecast for 2022.

Spun Sugar, Gossamer Pink, Innuendo: these are just a few of the trending hues for 2022. Find out how to incorporate the season’s palette into your online shop and get inspired for your next fresh crop of colorful designs.
Turns out color trends are a lot easier to predict than the weather. Trickling down from high fashion and the interior design world, seasonal palettes make their way into popular brands, weave through social media, and crop up in advertising. Keep your brand relevant with trending colors on your page and products.
We’ve collected the forecasts from the most popular Color of the Year collections in both fashion and interior design to bring you a preview of 2022’s trendiest colors.
Pantone’s Very Peri
Perhaps the most anticipated opinion on color in the fashion industry, Pantone has been influencing what we wear for more than 2 decades. Meeting bi-annually in one of Europe’s capitals, leaders from various countries’ color standards groups decide on the fashionable colors for the following season. Their aim is to capture the zeitgeist of the year through color. Bearing in mind the last two years we’ve had, this could be the most exciting prediction yet.
Unprecedented times call for unprecedented colors. This year, the iconic Pantone has crowned a newly-invented Pantone hue as their Color of the Year. A unique purple shade which combines cooling blue with violet red undertones, Pantone says that Very Peri’s “courageous presence encourages personal inventiveness and creativity” and “displays a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence.” Sound like something you can get on board with?

Tips: Bring some Very Peri into your assortment by featuring it in your designs as a pop of purple on neutral-colored products.

Neutral classics with bold accents: Pantone’s Fashion Week picks for Spring & Summer
Spring and summer are the perfect time to introduce bolder pops of color into your designs, your shop, and your style. The runway hues at Fashion Week in London and New York didn’t shy away from dramatic and stand-out colors. You’re sure to see a mix of versatile, seasonless neutrals like soft pinks, beige and grey combined with some sharper picks this spring and summer.
New York Fashion Week/London Fashion Week
In spring, think bubblegum pink tulips, pale purple crocuses and popcorn-yellow daffodils. When summer rolls around, think bright orange sunglasses, dreamy turquoise water, and hot pink beach towels.

Merchant tip: Use these gorgeous Fashion-Week-inspired mood boards from Pantone and Adobe to inspire your next designs and product choices for your shop! Here’s the collection for London and New York.

October Mist and Evergreen Fog
Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore are two iconic brands in the interior design world. Their expert insights give designers a glimpse into what the near future will bring. You can use their judgement to help design your online shop or to influence the color scheme of your products.

With Sherwin-Williams choosing October Mist and Benjamin Moore opting for Evergreen Fog, both companies followed a mellow trend with elements found in nature. Their tones also both pair with neutral tones like cream, brown and clay.

Merchant tip: Incorporate the colors of the year into your HugePOD assortment with the brown and khaki colors featured in Spreadshirt’s premium organic line. The military green from Gildan is also a mellow, on-trend pick for your assortment. Including misty sage tones into your designs and featuring them on classic black or white products is another way to weave the season’s pick into your shop.

Pair this advice with HugePOD’s own trend predictions for this winter to fully future-proof your online store. Plus, find out what our most popular items are so you don’t have to take a chance in 2022.
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