How to choose Print-on-Demand Christmas Gifts

How do you think about Top Print-on-Demand Christmas Gifts?Print On Demand All(PODA) lists you top 10 gift ideas for your online shop. 

One of the clearest signs that Christmas is approaching is festive store window displays. Everything from the latest toys to the most fashionable perfumes will be proudly displayed in every business downtown.
Those who have worked in retail before will know that hundreds of new products arrive every day to pack the shelves in time for Christmas. It’s no surprise that Black Friday came around as a way to clear out old stock and make space for the new.
If you already have an online shop, the festive season is a great time to refresh your catalogue and offer something new to your shoppers. Think of it as decorating your online store window to catch the attention of passers-by. Especially if they’ve already shopped with you. Repeat customers can be some of your most valuable. In fact, one study said that repeat customers are likely to spend almost 20% more than your new ones.
Happy customers are likely to return, but if they don’t see anything new, they may give up and look elsewhere.
To help you decide which new products to display for you virtual window-shoppers this year, we’ve curated a list of newcomers and top sellers to inspire you.

Teddy Bears
Starting off with one of our HugePOD’s most adorable options. Our new teddy bear has three different color T-shirts to choose from. Each can be printed on with your design or message. HugePOD’s teddy bear is currently only available in European countries.
Teddies (available in Europe)

Holiday Ornaments
Gone are the days where old-school ornaments are the only thing you’ll find on the Christmas tree. People are getting more inventive with how they decorate their homes in the winter months and usually want to show their personality while they’re doing it. Give your customers in North America the chance to show off their own taste with a holiday ornament.
Holiday Ornament (available in North America)

Cups and Mugs
It doesn’t get much more festive than warming up with a cup of your favorite hot drink. That cozy feeling only gets stronger when drinking out of your favorite mug. Jazz up this simple product with your designs to make a Christmas present your customers will love.
Mugs (available in North America)

Mugs (available in Europe)

One of the small silver linings of the pandemic was a new appreciation for time in the kitchen. Remember the sourdough craze of 2021? It’s safe to presume that more folks will be baking and cooking this Christmas. Help your shoppers keep their brand new Christmas sweaters clean with customized aprons. Go for comedy designs for the hobby chefs or serious prints for the next wave of Gordon Ramseys.
Aprons (available in North America)
Aprons (available in Europe)

If you already have a store, you probably already have T-shirts as one of your main products. If not, now is the time! Try mixing your successful designs with something festive or create something brand new. Remember variety is the (pumpkin) spice of life.
Top tip: try creating matching products for the whole family. If you have a design that’s selling well for men, try replicating it for women and kids, too.
Men’s T-Shirts (available in North America)
Women’s T-Shirts (available in North America)
Men’s T-Shirts (available in Europe)
Women’s T-Shirts (available in Europe)

What’s sweeter than a baby’s first Christmas? Christmas baby bodysuits are bound to be a winner. Most of our baby bodysuits are organic; consider using this as a strong selling point this year.
Babygrows (available in North America)
Europe Babygrows (available in Europe)

Caps and Hats
Caps make the perfect gift during the winter months and can act as a practical alternative to the classic Santa hat and Christmas jumper.
Caps and Hats (available in North America)
Caps and Hats (available in Europe)

Your customers in the US can take their comfort to the next level. Our classic pajama sets are the ideal gift for Christmas morning or cozy evenings round the fire. These PJs come in red and green and have a large print area on the tops for your designs.
Unisex PJs (available in North America)

Hoodies might seem obvious, but aren’t always seen as a Christmas product. Luckily, they’re a versatile product that work for everyone from moody teens to fitness fanatics.
Top tip: hoodies make the perfect package item. Pair them with hats or mugs to add value to your offering while not decreasing your margin. With loads of colors to pick from and a generous print area, your imagination really is the limit here. Go wild and see what works. Remember that the joy of print on demand is that if you don’t sell, there’s no waste!
Hoodies (available in North America)

Europe Hoodies (available in Europe)

Christmas Jumpers
Christmas jumpers are a staple of the winter months. But the standard reindeer, Santa and snowman numbers are starting to get a little tired. Add some sparkle to the cliche this year and get creative. There are endless possibilities to reimagine this festive mainstay.
Jumpers (available in North America)

Jumpers (available in Europe)

And to wrap it all up… we have gift wrapping. It’s no secret that a lot of wrapping paper gets wasted every year around Christmas. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Reusable gift bags are both sustainable and can be personalized.
Cotton Gift Bags (available in Europe)

Originality is often the key to Christmas commerce. However, if your customers aren’t able to find that perfect item, they’ll quickly look elsewhere. Treat your homepage like a shop window and put your newest, most exciting items front and centre. Don’t be afraid to add some wintery decoration to your shop’s look and feel, too!

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